Club Penguin Snow and Sports Interview

Chinsetakout here!!

This friday there will be a new Club Penguin Snow and Sports Catalog released! Happy77 wanted to know a little more about the August 2009 Catalog so he asked the designers a few questions!

How often do you make a new Snow & Sport catalog?
Four times a year. We started to put the months on the front of the catalog so you’ll see when the next issue is coming!

If there was a candy-eating sport, would any of you make the finals? What sort of outfit would you make for that?
We’d eat our weight in candy and more! In fact, here’s a sketch we just created that we think would be awesome to wear if there were a candy eating sport (We know there’s no candy eating sport. This outfit is not in the catalog – it’s just for fun!).


In other news:
The mini party is coming up soon and some of you might have missed the first three clues. Here they are again:

Miss the first clue? Click here for the first Mini Party Clue!

Miss the second clue? Click here for the Second Party Clue!

Miss the third clue? Click here for the Third Mini Party Clue!

Sweet! I wish there was a candy eating sport! Which candy is your favorite? Remember to check back here on Friday for all the Club Penguin Cheats in the new Snow and Sports Catalog on Club Penguin!



5 Responses

  1. Awesome LOL! My favorite candy is Baby Ruth’s :-) What is yours?


  2. Baby ruths and snickers rock!
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  3. Chocolate!!!!!!!!! ( Don’t talk about sugar please, I’ll get hyper!!!)

  4. lol mine our butterfingers..
    and skittles!!
    -Dr Pepper 66

    • Butterfingers!! Clark bar, whatever, THEY are good!
      ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

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