Club Penguin Fall Fair Mini Party!

Chinsetakout here!!

I think its time we had another sweet party on Club Penguin! I am pretty sure all of us can agree that this Fall Fair has been totally awesome! It’s time to celebrate it with a mini party! Cool? Let’s check it out:

fall fair mini party

Club Penguin Mini-Party Details:

Monday, September 7th 2009

12:00PM Penguin Time
12:00PM Pacific Time
1:00PM Mountain Time
2:00PM Central Time
3:00PM Eastern Time
8:00PM UK Time


My Igloo on the Map

Celebrate the Fall Fair Party! Where any of the prizes of the Fall Fair or just anything ;-)


Want to come but think you might forget? Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write yourself a reminder ;-)

Awesome! I will be adding penguins at the party! ;-) Comment if you can make it to the party! I really hope everyone can make it to party with us!



20 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing my idea!

    CPC MOD Setheo1

  2. I really hope everyone can make it to the party! Comment if you can come! ;-)


  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to see everyone again at the mini party!

  4. ooooooo :) i cant wait my penguins glceon and im andreahng on twitter :) yay

  5. Wow! You got everywhere of the time zone in US! Great job, Chinse!

    -Grtrnbh(CPC MOD)

  6. Chinse, can you PLEASE have another free membership contest quickly! I need free membership, I have waited for two years already

    -Grtrnbh(CPC MOD)

  7. I’ll be there! My penguins name is Orangy47! ill were my fav outfit and maby ill bring my friends too! But only if you add me! If you do ill be the best buddy you ever had! Oh and how long will the party be? And will you be recording? Plz Awnser and tell me!

    • Wow we will love for you to come! It was my idea so I hope you like it.

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  8. im thare!

    cpc mod

  9. I can make it, and Chinse can i please be on the Mods list? I have been a Mod now for months!

  10. I’ll be there! ADD ME ;)

  11. Add me too! oh if im not there that means my laptop has no connection!

  12. i think i might come its 2:00 pm my time

  13. ill come !!! wOOHOO!! p.s. i hv to start skool tomorrow boohoo

  14. Awesome! Im definatly coming!!! Im your biggest fan ever!! YOU ROCK!


  15. i wanna come but i have to use my non member account. :( it stinks

  16. Chinse is gonna be adding at the party! I also hope everybody makes it! It’s gonna be a blast I can say that :D.

  17. Hi! I am a XAT chat member, and I would love to become a mod. I have been using the chat for 4 months, and I know all about banning, kicking, making guests members, and the apropriate time to do all of this. I am responsible, and I have found rockhopper and Cadence multiple times before. Many other Owners have trusted me enough to make me a mod, may I please work as a mod on your xat chat? Thanks!

  18. Awesome!
    3jel97(CPC MOD)

  19. Sorry I couldn’t make it chinise……. I had school… And alot of homework. One question, How do you take pics on Cp and Put it on your site?

    Please answer!

    Moosecake101 (CPC MOD)

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