Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker – Where is Rockhopper and Tips to Finding Rockhopper

Chinsetakout here!!

We again have a Rockhopper Tracker that will make finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin a ton easier! It will tell you the server, room, and time of when we have found Rockhopper on Club Penguin. Please realize we update the tracker manually. Check it out:

Click here to refresh the Rockhopper Tracker. The tracker is updated whenever we find Rockhopper on Club Penguin. Check back for Rockhopper’s current location here.

Tips to Finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin:

Below are some very helpful cheats to finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin:

1. When the tracker is updated the location is always correct. We update the tracker when we have found Rockhopper on Club Penguin. Click here to refresh the Rockhopper Tracker.

2. Rockhopper goes on crowded servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen. He spends about 15 minutes in each server!

3. Rockhopper is usually found in the Migrator, but can also be found in other places such as the Dock, Beach, Iceberg, Pizza Parlor, and Cove.

4. Rockhopper is a red pirate penguin who wears a pirate hat and has a beard. He is slightly larger then other penguins so you can see him easier.

5. Rockhopper always has a ton of penguins crowding him in Club Penguin. If you can’t see him, check the users in the room list. His name will be there and their will be a wide smiley face next to it.

6. Rockhopper is always online after he arrives to Club Penguin! Check out tracker 24/7

7. You can’t add Rockhopper to your buddy list, but if you do find Rockhopper, you can get a free autographed background by clicking the “add buddy” button on his playercard.

8.  Follow Chinsetakout on Twitter for announcements on Rockhopper’s location in Club Penguin.

9. Chat at’s Chatbox to create a search group to make finding Rockhopper easier.

10. Leave a comment on the Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker Page if you have found Rockhopper!

Awesome! I really hope that we can help everyone find Rockhopper on Club Penguin! Let us know if you have found Rockhopper! ;-)



9 Responses

  1. Awesome! Let’s all work together to find Rockhopper! ;-) Who is ready?


    • I am ready to find him again!!!!!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  2. I met Rockhopper on the first day of the fair in the morning!

    CPC MOD Setheo1

  3. I already met him yesterday on Sleet. Now I hav both his backrounds!

  4. I really want to find him again!!!! :roll: i mean rofl

    CPC MOD Setheo1

  5. Thanks for the tips to find Rockhopper, but I don’t need it, because it’s the old background I got already!

    -Grtrnbh(CPC MOD)

  6. woot! :D
    ~cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  7. which server?

  8. it says rockhopper is on, and yet he isn’t even in the telescope anymore, what a lie

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