Club Penguin Ninja Puffles?!?

Chinsetakout here!!

Remember how there was a “fiery surprise” at the Cove about a week ago? Well now there are black puffles roaming all around Club Penguin! Whenever there is a ninja in the room they will burst into flames! Cool right? I think this is definitely a sign that they will become ninja puffles which means we can use them in Card Jitsu! ;-) Check it out:


Awesome right!? Have you seen the black puffles around Club Penguin? Let us know in a comment!

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19 Responses

  1. I really hope the black puffles become ninjas! ;-) What do you think?


  2. That would rock! It rocks! You rock!
    ~cowtail5(CPC MOD)
    P.S. Am I the only person modding?

  3. cool! red puffles surfing, pink puffles on aqua grabber, purple puffles on dance contest, yellow puffles o dj somethig-somethig, and soon black puffles during card jutsu, wow! soon there will be puffles on EVERYTHING!

  4. one is at the forest

    • you are right I hope you can find the rest!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  5. The is also a black puffle at the forest!
    But i think your on to somthing there :)
    That would be soo cool!

  6. I hope there’s ninja puffles! You rock Chinsetakout!

    • We hope so too!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  7. And there is one at the ski villiage :D

  8. I saw a black puffle in forest, ppl were looking at it, knowing nothing why a puffle is here.

    P.S. No, Cowtail, you are the only person modding.

    -Grtrnbh (CPC MOD)

  9. omg i hope that black puffles can do battles with you that would be awesome i hope the green puffle can do like jet pack with you at some point in time that would be cool!

  10. There are black puffles everywhere they are at the Ninja Hideout, Dojo, Forest, and the Ski Village! Its like maniac!

    CPC MOD Setheo1

  11. you should have a box demsion party no-one gose there so it will be prefect! :mrgreen:

  12. Awesome Post, Dude! I Cant wait to see more about the Ninja Puffles. Keep up the excellent work.


  13. I bet this has to do with the elite force puffle training

  14. Hi, I’m having a 8000 hits party today!

    Remember to comment on my site (click my name to go to my site) so I can post your blog link(if you have one) on to my site!


  15. Hey, it rocks!!! My buds and I also trying to put its fire out with our fireman costume lol!!!

    -Aiman (CPC MOD)

  16. hey chinse whats up! My old site got hacked :( I’m really upset but please could you advertise my new one on twitter or on a post. Thanks i would greatly appreciate it if you do that :)

  17. Cool Site!
    You have the light/dark blue and white like everyone
    else, but I think yours is the best


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