Club Penguin 2009 Sensei Ninja Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

WOW! Some unexpected updates today! ;-) Looks like some major updates will be happening with the ninjas on Club Penguin! Sensei is setting up a new room by the looks of it, in the Ninja Hideout! He also set up a scavenger hunt for us! Here are all the cheats and hidden items:

First click the fire icon in the top right hand corner to get started with the Scavenger Hunt! ;-)


The first item in located in the Ski Lodge Fire!


The second item is a candle and is located in the Book Room.


The third one, is the black puffle in the Pet Shop!


The fourth item is the Lantern inside the Mine Shack!


The fifth item is the Hot Sauce bottle in the Pizza Parlor! ;-) Yum…


The sixth item is the stick near the fire in the cove!


The seventh item is the Jetpack which is on the Beacon!


The final item is the Lantern in the Dojo Courtyard! ;-)


Congratulations! You have now found the Fire Pin and complete Sensei’s Scavenger hunt! ;-) Nice job!


Pretty cool scavenger hunt I think! I wonder what could be going on with Ninjas in Club Penguin! Got an idea? Leave a comment letting us know it ;-)



11 Responses

  1. Awesome! Have you finished the Scavenger Hunt yet? Comment and let us know! ;-)


  2. I did!

    • We are glad that you found all of them. You can always come back here if you missed something. We hope you’re having fun!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  3. Wow cool cheats Chinse!

  4. Hey, thx for the cheats!!! I almost find all them!! Thx a lot!!!

    -Aiman(CPC MOD)

    • We’re so happy that we are helping you! Hope you are having up!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  5. I fnished the scavenger hunt and I thought it was AWESOME!! mY OPINION ABOUT THE FIRE PIN IS….BEST EVER!!! LOL! Hey, you may wanna check the ninja hideout, Chinse! It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Well, c ya! ~Food from chat LOL!!

  6. The Scavenger Party is awesome! I found the fire pin, Sensei, the pizza oven burning up and all the candles getting huge!

    CPC MOD Setheo1

  7. Y did U deleat me of ure friends list o cp plz add me agin its abit unfair :( ;(

    • Srry he deleted you I will contact him. But remember alot of other penguins want to be his buddy. Again, srry if he deleted you.

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  8. its ok :(

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