Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades September 2009 Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new Halloween edition of the Igloo Upgrades Catalog! It has a returning Jack O’ Lantern Igloo and some returning Club Penguin Cheats as well! Check it out:


How to find the Secret Stone Igloo:

1. Log on to Club Penguin
2. Go to your igloo
3. Open the Igloo Upgrades Catalog
4. Go to page 2
5. Click the crowbar in the top right


Here is how to find the Gingerbread House:

1. Go to page 7
2. Click on the four “candy” words


Here is how to find the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:

1. Go to page 8
2. Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door


Awesome! Same ol’ cheats ;-) How do you like the new pumpkin igloo? Comment and let us know!



11 Responses

  1. I really like the Pumpkin Igloo! ;-) What about you?


  2. its the same old cheats as it has been for like a year i want a new cheat club penguin is starting to get boring when was the last time club penguin gave out a rare item it was like 2 or 3 months ago i want a new cheat!

  3. Lol, me too. The pumpkin igloo is cool! I’m going to buy it on Halloween!!!

    -Aiman(CPC MOD)

  4. theres no koi fish now, the new pin is in the pizza parlor on top of the fire its a 101 days of fun pin

  5. Nice!
    I was just wondering if u were going to be getting any new mini-parties soon, because they r really fun.

  6. Oops I forgot to put future cpc mod at the end…

  7. whoa thank you so much


  9. Wow, this month’s catolog is the best!

    -Grtrnbh (CPC MOD)

  10. i love my gingerbread house igloo thanks!! x

  11. i knew about all of those

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