New Club Penguin Volcano Room?!?

Chinsetakout here!!

As many of you have probably noticed, the mountain behind the Dojo Courtyard and Ninja Hideout now has smoke coming out of the top! This most likely has something to do with the new room and with the Fire Item scavenger hunt set up by Sensei! Take a look:


Hmm…. very interesting! Comment if you have any ideas on what you think the room might look like or be used for! ;-)



36 Responses

  1. Awesome! I think it might have something to do with the new mission? Got any more ideas?


    • Chinse i think youve given up on us so please try to find a day where u can be on the chat for most of the day?
      please come on chat soon im sad
      mod owner


  2. Chinsetakout, what happened that made you log out at the beginning of the mini party? Did your computer break down? If so, did it blow up? LOL!!! Explosions are cool, unless you’re in one!

  3. A new room definately, maybe with a mini-game for white puffles, wat do u think chinese?

  4. I think its a new room and you get to go inside a volcano.


  5. Wow that would be cool to have a volcano room
    :)Maybe the room would be used for hmmm wel practice for ninja’s that like fire and maybe there will be other rooms like ice,water,etc.

  6. Hmm, maybe its for EPF. BTW, is that the tallest mountain, cause i can’t see it now

    -Aiman(CPC MOD)

  7. :D I hope so…we need a new mission! But, in the past, we thought a new mission would come buy did not,….hope this really does come!
    ~cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  8. I think it is just added scenery, personally.

    But whatever it is, it will be very cool!

  9. Well, from what I have heard, Sensei has been telling me and my fellow ninja friends, that we are awakening the Mountain. Maybe the Volcano will erupt. Cuz we had an earthquake and a Hurricane. THis might be next!

  10. Awesome! I think it might be a new room! and then u buy something to get in to the new room!

  11. yeah it is probably something to do with the new room coming and the mission

  12. LOL!

  13. Hmm, maybe there’s a new room or a new mission. Can’t decide.

    -Aiman(CPC MOD)

  14. hey chinstakout i think is there for a hollowen party or some party or i could be a new room oh and 2th is the best!!!

  15. but chinstakout that is one good idea there is a mission coming out soon.

  16. Cool!!! I really believe that you have the best cp site ever. Your updates r so fast! :ow do u do it?

  17. Cool!!! I really believe that you have the best cp site ever. Your updates r so fast! :ow do u do it?
    (Future cpc mod)

  18. Don’t aprove the first comment I made because it was a typo
    (Future cpc mod)

  19. I think it will go good with a new mission, nice creativity Chinse!

  20. I think the volcano will erupted and turn Club Penguin into a grassland!

    -Grtrnbh(CPC MOD)

  21. well i think i could possiably be another room and prepare for a new ninja journey

  22. oops keep forgetting cpcmod hihipet

  23. wheres the new room?

  24. hey my pictures working

  25. im quitting being a moderator chinsetakout your site is just getting boring. I’m really following Chrisdog93 and Stormy777. Plz delete me from the mod list. I am retiring from this site. Me, you and Bengallady7 will still be friends. This is my final goodbye. Bye peeps!

  26. hey chinsetakout! LOVE your site! i just wanted to let you know that i have a coin code contest on my site. follow the rules. you get 2 tries. good luck to you and everyone else who enters! ^_^

  27. I just hope non members get to go in!!

  28. I checked in the HQ and i didn’t see anything new on the moniters
    please write back,

  29. ill help other pengins ill help go to face book and bloody13

  30. well ill help tip ice brg if you need me ill be at the club pengin team

  31. well ill help tip ice brg if you need me ill be at the club pengin team at hq

    • ill reatier

  32. its gotta be the new room

  33. what lol ive seen lost off pll that u wont beleve

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