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Looking For Authors To Join Our Team

Hey everyone,

I’ve been getting a lot of messages and comments from people who want to be authors on cpclubpenguin.org.  So i was thinking i would rebuild the staff of this website to help make it one of the top club penguin websites in the world.


To help keep this one of the best club penguin websites I’m looking for only the best authors and hardest workers. So i put together some criteria for anyone who wants to be an author on this website or any of the TeamPaintboy websites.

  1. You CAN NOT copy and paste from other websites even your own!!  You can write a post about the same thing but you can’t use the same words.
  2. You can not use the site just to advertise your site or any other website.  ( if you want to be an author of this site it’s because you want to be an author of THIS site not some other site.

If you can follow these two rules then you can apply to be an author of this site or any other TeamPaintboy site.  If you become an author you should take a screenshot of your penguin so i can add your picture to the sidebar of the site as one of the authors.

So to everyone who wants to be an author leave a comment on this post and I’ll contact you by email or commenting on your website.

Good luck and hopefully we can make this a great website once again!!!



90 Responses

  1. hi paintboy can i be your author for the website plzz

    • paintboy i was next going to be an admin on the site and ive worked for chinse for about a year. he was going to let me on if he had room now he does and i will help you run this site i look foward to seeing u on clubpenguin,xat.com/chinsetakout, and on cpclubpenguin.org have a nice day
      Moderator Owner

  2. I want to become an author.

  3. ill do it i will follow the 2 rules

  4. Yes Can I Please Work With You I Will Follow The 2 Rules I Will Post The Latest Cub Penguin Updates And Cheats

  5. hey paintboy100 i was wondering to be an auther too and i will follow those 2 rules if u allow ads my website is awsomebeto12.wordpress.com if u wana check it out and my email is awsomebeto13@hotmail.com
    cya around!

  6. Can I please be an author of this site please can I?

  7. hey paintboy can i be part of the site?? i would love to!!!!

  8. oh and my penguin name is leeny500

  9. also i have no idea how to take a pic so can u tell me??

  10. I am asking respectfully to be an author.I do not care if you do not choose me. I would just like to be an author on such a famous site. You may comment on my site by clicking my name. I will try my best to become an author. My name is キood_レノズ乇丂_イムcos_. If I ever change my name, my ID is 177266282. Here’s an explanation of why I should be an author (I need to give a description) : I will post cheats here without fail. I will respect other authors and be as active as I can. I will not goof on posts or mess with the blog. My blog has over 600 hits and about 10 days. I will respect everyone I can on the chat and not abuse my power. I will make moderators on the chat if they fit the CPC mod rules. I will not cause any fights. If I see someone breaking a chat rule. I will give two warnings, then ban. Even if you make someone I don’t like an author, I will not throw a fit. I will simply congradulate them and try to be their friends. I want to have fun during mini-parties and be as active as I can. I will not be rude or mean or break a chat rule. I will not ban/kick for no reason because that is not fair to whoever is kicked/banned. I will be the best person I can be and not quit this site. If I don’t post for a few days, it just means I’m busy, and not quitting. If I am sick or something, I will post as soon as I can to let everyone know. If there is ever an author absent for the day, I will kindly take their place until they are back. I hope you add me as an author. Tyhank you for reading. -Blake P.S.: My user on CP is Blake 10467.

  11. i can definitly follow those rules! could i become an author?

  12. never mind i dont wanna do it anymore thx anyway

  13. I would like to be an author. I have a blog of my own and I can definatley follow those 2 rules. This blog inspired me to make a blog. I would love to become an author on this blog. Comment back on my site.


  14. hi can i be an author i want to help out u

  15. Dear paintboy, I would like to work with you, first, before I know about Chinsetakout’s site, I have always used your widget in Igoogle. You update a lot. One day, your website got hacked, and I found out about Chinsetskout’s site. I still go on to your site after, but not much. I have make blog with my friends and by my own. My friends and I both gave up to write blogs before we were mad at each other. I hope you would give me an opportunity to write blogs with you.

    -Grtrnbh(CPC MOD)

  16. hi i am haveing fun

  17. Paint boy plz pick me as an author plz i wil do my best and try my hardest if u pick me plz i willno let you down i will try my best

  18. I want to be an author. I will promise to keep this site running safely and moderated. I will try to do the best I can. CPC MOD Setheo1

  19. I would like to apply to become an author.

  20. I know I can do this! I will not advertise my websites or I will not copt and paste stuff. I am really responsible and I will make CP posts only! I promise I will be an awesome author! I really can!

    Your Friend


  21. Contact me via name above I will follow rules!

  22. Ive always wanted to be an author on a cool cheat site! soo when i heard chinse was quitting i emailed him and was going too pay money and be cool like chinse but i said i would pay 100$ but he never replied then i came here and u were taking over so ya that made me sad, but at least its a good person cause i fllow YOUR cheat site two with chrisdog93 also Lil Maney.

  23. Ill follow those two rules! and everything else YOU say. so can i please be a Author!

  24. Well, Me And My Friends (We All Work On My Site) Have Been Following Those 2 rules since my site was made!

    So Plz can I Be A Author (Or A Admin!)

  25. Look Paintboy100, Not Only Will I Post About The Latest Cheats and glitches, But I will also get MORE HITS!

  26. I will follow the 2 rules and listen to your suggestions and commands. My email is Jakethesnake11163@yahoo.com

  27. i wanna be an author now!!!!! so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz never mind about that othe thing but instead of emailing me can u give me a comment at my youtube http://www.youtube.com/leeny500 or send me a message on youtube if u have a youtube plz!!!!!

  28. Dear Paintboy

    I really want to be an author in this website. Hope you can chose me please!!!

  29. You can go to this website to take a look at my penguin!

  30. I will help you with the site Paintboy, I will follow both rules. Plus, I usually always post very fast and post all the information. Except sometimes I’m at school, or asleep. I hope you pick me :),


  31. I can follow those two rules easily. I even have my own blog and I always update it. I’m really busy but I’m free now. So, i wanna join ur site. Plz, I’m worth it. I’m not bad or evil, i’m just good and I hate saying bad words. My cp username is Aiman17.

  32. what happened to dr pepper and jojo????

  33. Hey Paint , i could help my site is http://penguinhelp.com , i do have experience blogging , as my site has 500k hits :)

  34. I Can Make It :) Check my Site

  35. Hi paintboy, i would like to be an author on this site. I will always post on it & be loyal, please check my website out and reply. You rock

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

    P.S It has very little hits beacuse my old website got hacked, I’m not a beginner.

  36. hi i will follow allof your rules please pick me i will e very good

  37. Hi!

    I would really like to be an author! I already have a site at hellloguys.wordpress.com and would like to be an author here, Please send an e-mail to rosschudasama@yahoo.com

  38. Good choice with Staly Vegas. can i work here ? plz.. forgive me :(

  39. I want to be an author of this site because I always wanted to be an author and also an author of a cheat site would be even better

  40. Please Can i Become An Author Here I Do Not Copy And I Dont Advertise My Blog as on My Blog I Got Deleted :| Please Can I?

  41. Dear Paintboy100,
    I would love to be an author on this site, Ill follow all the rules and ill do anything you ask me to! This site rocks! and Paintboy100 1 more thing YOU ROCK! my email is paul.pjtaz97@gmail.com and my site is http://pjtaz97.wordpress.com/ well bye,


  42. Hi, I’m Mmark97. Author of http://clubpenguin763.wordpress.com/ and
    http://mmarkscpcheats.wordpress.com/ I think I’m qualified to be an Author of this Site. Please reply if I get the job at the two Site’s or here! Or my e mail markarkyguy@mail.com! Hopefully I get the job! Waddle On!

  43. Also just so you know I have 19,836 Hits I have been working very very very hard on my site, I made my site December 2008 ill work really hard as being an author on this site too! thank you well bye, :(


  44. I can follow the rules! Can I be an author

  45. hey can u pick me? i would give 100 percent to the website! and i will update weekly! plz plz pick me! and if u do e-mail me here is my real email! Dukedaduck92@AOL.com i hope you pick me!

  46. Hey idk how to upload a pic so could plz plz with cherrys on top e-mail me!

  47. Yeah I would like to be an author. I can definintley follow those 2 rules . I am quick to post things and I always use good gramar. I have been and still am authors on other blogs and I never copy and paste from my own site. I have a CP cheats blog, too. It is http://shadow5400.wordpress.com

    Just email me if you pick me.



  49. Hi, paintboy100. It’s blake or キood_レノズ乇丂_イムcos_ on the chat. I am commenting again, asking to be an administrator. If you add me, I will be an excellent administrator, and if you make any other administrators, I will gladly congradulate them and do my best to help with this blog. I hope you add me. If you do not, I will patiently wait until there are more positions avilable. I wil not advertise my own site or copy and paste. I will do anything it takes to be an administrator. Send me an e-mail at foodblake23@hotmail.com . I cannot answer by e-mail sadly, I will answer in a comment or chat with you on the chat. Thank you.

  50. u sould add a girl to the site.it would be awesome if i was one of the authors cause i’ve played cp for a long time and know a bunch of stuff about it. :-)

  51. Hey I would love to be an author and this is my website! http://acacorothandalenwen.wordpress.com/


  53. Hello, I am seriously interested in becoming an author of this website. I am hard working, devoted, and interested in both the content, and the community. I am very active on CP, and know every secret from every nook and cranny on the island!

    Please send me an email at cpislander55@yahoo.com, and I hope you accept my partnership to run one the best Club Penguin Blogs ever!

  54. I would love to help out i am self hosted and have my own website actually two heres my cp one clubpenguinpros.com my email is jgires@gmail.com and i can post in complete sentences and tons more i also know how to code html php and lots more so i could make awesome widgets

  55. i will follow the rules. please! i only have a small website and no one comments. :( i wish i could work here! i really want to!

  56. I would really like to work here, i have work for Kingpin (actually i desing for him) I hate copy and paste and i have some very cool writting strategies and some awesome photshop skills.. i hope you choose me and please visit my site

  57. Hey Paintboy! Omega here! I would like to become an author because I can keep this sight really nice. I am good with posts and can post them instantly. For me, new stuff comes out at 9:00 PM the day before (this is because it is at 12:00 AM eastern time), so it can be on as soon as it comes out, which will make this site really popular. I am also good with words and can grab the reader’s attention easily. Thus, making this sight even greater. I do not plagiarize, and all my words and posts will be original. So if you want further information, just ask.
    ~Omega 985421

    • I also noticed I spelt site wrong, sorry. I am jsut tired.

    • I also spelt sight wrong, my mistake. Won’t happen again.

  58. May I please be a Author I have had 1 blog but not anymore so please take this into account when reading this!

  59. Hello Paintboy100,
    I’m Dopey on chat and have been a mod on his chat for sometime now…. I would love to work for your site alot and I will follow all of your rules you posted on the site I will work as hard as I can to make it as good as chinse did it but better! I would also like to be a owner on chat. Please pick me to help you I would be hounered to help out on the site.

    Dopey (CPG OWNER)

  60. plzz can i be an author for the site

  61. i will follow the 2 rules you can trust me for real im a honest kid

  62. I want to be an author too, the thing is I’ve never done this before and I don’t have a site on my own so you don’t have to worry about the copying things.
    Also being new I would need some help but I catch things from the run so it won’t take me to much time to learn all the tricks of being an author. I also know when to take something from another author and give them credit for it.
    Also I live in Romania so basically night in your country means day in mine and vice versa. I would really like to help and I would love to keep the memory of this site and of Chinsetakeout, Jojo and Dr. Pepper alive.

    • I just want to say that I’ve downloaded HyperCam and that I’m getting better with it.

  63. Hey Paintboy! I want to apply for a job as an author on one of Team Paintboy’s Sites! I will definetely follow the rules! Rock on!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  64. Paintboy please could i be an author pretty plz i promnise you i will never cheat and ill always follow the rules so plz make me a n author

  65. I want to become author i will follow the rules

  66. Hi Paintboy!
    I am SO glad Chinsetakout left the site in good hands! I was wondering if you would consider me being an admitistrater. I think I will do a very good job. I always get up really early to see all of the Club Penguin events so I will always be a ble to post about them. I think i might have gotton the hang of the picture so i can post pictures to! I have a very good sense of humor (if i do say so myself). I think that everybody else will love me! I will follow both of the rules and never copy from somebody elses site! I don’t even have my own site to copy off of. But please don;t let that stand in your way!! I have had experience doing youtube videos! Even though I have not owned my own site i am
    so please choose me when you are picking your next author! I will help this site be even more populaur!!

  67. Hi, I’m Mmark97. Author of http://clubpenguin763.wordpress.com/ and
    http://mmarkscpcheats.wordpress.com/ I think I’m qualified to be an Author of this Site. I take pics, make vids and I write really good. I have been working for websites about two years and I also have my own chat. I really hop I get the job, here is my e mail markarkyguy@mail.com

  68. I would like to apply for the job!!!

  69. I’d like to be an author because I adore helping people on Club Penguin who are stuck and making new friends, not because I want to be famous. (Although that would be great!) Even though I have not got a high amount of hits on my site, I’m still hard-working and I will do my very absolute best to post every single day with the best CP Cheats! Get back to me on my site if you decide to choose me. Thanks for your time.

  70. Hey Paintboy All i want to apply is for the main ownership of the Chat So Could you PLEASE email me the Pass to Chinesetakeouts chat thats on every tracker and guide It would Be great i have been Recommended by Xat Commuity To be a Trustful main owner So please email Me the pass to that chat thanks
    ~vincent Moderator and editor of MFP and president of Cp cheats beta~

  71. Can I be an author on here?
    I have great posting experience, many people say.

  72. hi

  73. hola Im frost and i was wondering if i could help u and be an author and i will follow the rules no matter wht… idk how to do the hands but

  74. hola i was wondering…

    thumbs up= 10-1
    thumbs down= 0- -10

  75. ok can u via e mail me or whatever tht says so i can find out…

    how do u do those thumbs?!?!

  76. hey its jacob aka im a9574 some poepple se my ritings on the internet i havent talked to hunter about baning him yet oh and my member ship expoires in two more days if you wana talk to me on club penguin then send a leter to me at serenematsonat@hotmial.com or meet me at place you wana go and se if im there my penguins are a9574 or big ted1 plese ask to be there frend big ted 1 dosent have a frend becuse hes new on club penguin and he cep asking poepple very politly and they say no and be very rude to him if you will be a9574s budy than it will make me feel good about losing my member ship card so plese talk to them to make them and me feel very very hapy and so big tid1 dosent feel bad about not having any frends and so he wont be called names any more on club penguin that would be very very awsome to both of those penguins oh and a9574 usally hangs out at the light house bigted1 just wadles arond trying to get money from playing fun games like astro babereer and thin ice and cart surfing andthe boat game and the jet pack edventure and many other fun games penguins raely like to play.secerinly,jacob tyyler matson lumbattis.

  77. the pic is the screens at hq

  78. the pic is the screens at the hq

  79. I agree to the following rules, I will post the new Club Penguin Cheats and updates, news, etc.. and make sure you’re satisfied and happy with the posts. I will use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    My Club Penguin username is Akon Homiecp.

    My e-mail for wordpress.com is zeidclubpenguin@gmail.com and I will make an “New Author: Akon Homiecp” if you want and put my penguin’s picture.

    I’ve known you for a while and I added you to my blogroll on my site. Thanks for adding me to yours too :D

    NOTE: if you want to -ADD- me as author, please add me as email: zeidclubpenguin@gmail.com
    If you want to -CONTACT- me, please contact me at zaiduae97@hotmail.com

    -Akon Homiecp

  80. Hi I am Rj2k8,I am the main owner of a popular (well getting there!) blog called rjcptips.com . I am good with graphics,my grammar is good,I always try to update early and I have a popular Twitter which could also help in getting this site more views,If you wish to enquire about my services for this TeamPaintboy blog please email rossj2k8@gmail.com

    Thank you very much and I hope I am chosen!

  81. can i plz be an author ive always wanted to workon a site so can i plz?

  82. i’ll keep this short and to the point can i be a admin on here my name is Liger57.
    P.s. if i was a admin here would i be a mod on your chat cos i really want to.

    • wow i hope Liger57 get to become a admin here cos i know him from cp and i think he would be an awesome admin.

  83. ah thanks i hope i win to.

  84. hi paint boy i have seen your web site its cool
    i like your style and website i ant to be a part of your site so please add me as a aurthor

  85. heyyy panitboy are u cole spourt but any way can i be a auther i never cuss i make vids and did help chines befor he QUIT thx

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