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Penguin Of The Week Contest

Hey everyone,

I hold a contest on Paintboy100 Club Penguin Cheats everyweek where i post a zoomed in picture of something on club penguin and who ever guesses it right gets to have their penguin featured on the website as penguin of the week. A lot of people seem to like it so i thought i would add it to this site too.

So whoever guesses what the picture is will get to have their penguin featured on this site as the penguin of the week. I’ll add a screenshot of your penguin to the sidebar of this website.

So here we go…

Do you know what it is? If you do leave a guess in the comment section and the first person to answer it correct will be the winner!!



41 Responses

  1. ITS THE JETPACKS FROM THE BEACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM I FIRST??? I THINK I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IM RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sensie?

  3. Penguin is EDCF and this is the microsoft windows emblem from the start bar!

  4. its the becan and thejet pacl Adventur

  5. its at the becan and the Jet Pack Adventur

    • u rock


  7. I think it could be the jetpack at the beacon

  8. A Zoomed-In Close Up of the “Jetpack Adventure” game at the Beacon of the Lighthouse of the Dock!

  9. Hint: not the jet pack at the beacon.

  10. jet pack at beacon

  11. Hey, if you don’t mind, I have a website and I was wondering if I can help you with this site. If there are no links allowed, sorry, but here is some of my work:
    I hope you like it!
    if it’s a no, than can I atleast help you with the widgets? I think I do OK with them.
    :) Invisomobile :)

  12. By the way, IT’S GARY THE GADGET GUY!

  13. Dance Club? Can I be an author

  14. its the jetbacks from the beacon i know because it there

  15. Jet Pack from the Beacon!

  16. lucky ur an auther!! i wanted to be an auther 2

  17. it is the jet pack on the beacon please comment on my site!!!

  18. ITS A JETPACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It’s the beacon from the lighthouse, the big light thingy.

  20. It is at the beacon it is the jetpack from jetpack adventure. And i kno other people said that too but i promise im not copying. :-) but it wouldnt matter anyway because im not first and don’t even kno if thats right but it does look like that

  21. I think it is this jet pack.

  22. Paintboy100 i was 1 of Chinsetakout’s Great Cpc mods So i was wondering if you’ll let me kick it up noch and be a author because i think ill do good!~~~~~~Sk8ter276 PS: if i don’t make it as a author plz just let me know but i hope i will

  23. I think it’s the dance floor in the night club and i need cheats to win the sensei wars with other people!

    Hey Chlo

  24. hi the pic is the jet packs


  25. i didnt copy but it looks like the jet pack from jet pack adventure at beacon!!!! MOOOO

  26. i know its from Halloween and its its the COFFEE SHOP WINDOW

  27. it is a jetpack

  28. I believe to be a close of books on the bookshelf upstairs in the coffee room

  29. It’s tottaly a jetpack. AND CAN ı BE A AUTHOR?


  31. it’s a JETPACK!!! YES IT IS….

  32. its a jetpack…

  33. jetpack on beacon

  34. I know ive lost already but its the Jetpacts

  35. i know what it is it a window for the new room i know it and if its not for the new room its a window for any other room


  37. Its the light from the beacon lightbulb or its a light from the coffee shop window for halloween.

  38. itis the jetpack

  39. The Jet Packs from the Beacon?

  40. it is the windows logo

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