New Author: Monchocho

Hello Penguins,

Hi guys! You might have been noticed I’ve been posting this last 2 days cuz Chinse quit. I am very sad he quitted but thats why Paintboy100 is looking for new authors, so thats why im here.


Im jusy expecting you guys can have fun with my post while Paintboy looks for new authors. Even do, i also have a site and since this is an intro of my to this site i want you to know more about me.

“Click Here To Visit My Site”



11 Responses

  1. Thanks to Paintboy i joined the team…have fun with my posts and i hope you guys like me!

    • Congratulations for you! :D I’d like to join,but I’m not so good at graphics,except when I download Paint net v3.36! :P

  2. can i join?

  3. Hey Monocho!
    So Happy to see you joining the team!! You look like a nice guy!! I was wondering if I could join? I will always post and make the site the best it can be!!! Together we can make this Cp blog the best ever!!!!!

  4. Ok I now know how to make pics so I am set!!!!!!!!! i hope you can choose me to be an author

  5. i will like you dude! also do you know if paint boy will change anything on the website

  6. Hey Paintboy100! Im mxz7000 and i have a website of my own! it is! I was just wondering if i could be an author on this site! I have always been a HUGE fan of you !


  7. Please can i be a part of this site like you because I always wanted to be an author of a cheat site and I also wanted to have a website and now here is my chance and also I always wanted to be an author so please can i be part of this #1 cheat site!!!

  8. plz heres my email

    my site

  9. hey paintboy can i join and be a author i go on the computer a lot! i just need to know about how to do stuff but i will learn. email me if its ok.

  10. chinsetakeout i want you

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