October 2009 Pin – Club Penguin Secret Pin

Hey CP Club Penguin Readers,

Club Penguin just put up a new secret pin and you can find it hidden in the secret underground room below the dance club . Here’s the instructions on how to find the secret cp pin for october 2009 on club penguin.

  1. First click on your map in the bottom left of your screen
  2. Go To the town on your CP
  3. Next you need to click on the manhole and take the secret entrance to the underground room
  4. When you get to the hidden room you’ll find the new cp pin on the left side
  5. Click on it to get the 4th anniversary club penguin pin



So thats the new club penguin pin cheat for october 2009. Hopefully your able to find the secret pin item on CP and be one of the first penguins to have it. Also you can get it by using the item adder if you want.

Here’s the club penguin cheats video with the guide on how to find the new club penguin 4th anniversary pin for the penguins who like videos more than reading haha.



8 Responses

  1. paintboy100 u copied from ur site u said not to thats against the rules change the pic now before chinsetakout knows

  2. im about to tell him!

  3. and here’s a tip update ur site more often coz im bored of all the old stuff u do!

  4. Excuse me, I think you will need more authors, because no one hjas been updating the blog for a week. (This is suggestion)

    -Always count on you,

  5. Oh Paintboy i bet you have to go to non full servers not to get add requests millions of times…. Anyways ure a legendary penguin!

  6. Awesome! I really needed help finding that pin! Thanks, Paintboy100! Waddle on! ;)

  7. um can u be an author on my blog and can i be one here?

  8. lOlz! I that was funny at the end when you say people who dont like reading. Also…you havent posted about new annivessery hat

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