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The Special News Update Is…


If you don’t know who that is, it’s paintboy100.  Owner and author of both paintboy100.wordpress.com and www.newclubpenguincheats.com

Paintboy100.wordpress.com is one of the most visited club penguin blogs of all time with over 16 million hits!!

Since all the authors of this site are quitting club penguin Paintboy100 is going to take over running and managing this website.  So  cpclubpenguin.org is now going to be part of TeamPaintboy100!!!

If anyone wants to help out with the site or has any advice or tips just leave them in the comments!!


Big Update Coming Later Today…

Hey everyone,

We’re going to be having a special news release later today so be sure to check back soon.

New Club Penguin Volcano Room?!?

Chinsetakout here!!

As many of you have probably noticed, the mountain behind the Dojo Courtyard and Ninja Hideout now has smoke coming out of the top! This most likely has something to do with the new room and with the Fire Item scavenger hunt set up by Sensei! Take a look:


Hmm…. very interesting! Comment if you have any ideas on what you think the room might look like or be used for! ;-)


Club Penguin Ninja Mini Party

Chinsetakout here!!

With all the crazy happenings in Club Penguin surrounding around Ninjas, I think that we should definitely have a Club Penguin Ninja Mini Party to get ready for whatever may be coming our way! ;-)

ninja mini party

Club Penguin Mini-Party Details:

Sunday, September 20th 2009

1:30PM Penguin Time
1:30PM Pacific Time
2:30PM Mountain Time
3:30PM Central Time
4:30PM Eastern Time
9:30PM UK Time


Dojo Courtyard

Get ready for whatever might be happening with the Ninjas in Club Penguin! Wear any kind of Ninja belt you have, or if you don’t have any just come and party with us anyway ;-) And who knows, Sensei might even come to party with us! ;-)


Want to come but think you might forget? Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write yourself a reminder ;-)

Sweet! I cannot wait to see all you ninjas! ;-) I will be adding a few penguins at the party and will also give out some postcards! I really hope everyone can make it! Comment if you think you can come party with us!


Club Penguin September 2009 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new Better Igloos catalog today! Its pack full of items from the Fall Fair! ;-) It also has some cheats, so lets get started!

1. Log in to Club Penguin.
2. Click the home icon in the bottom right.
3. Click on the edit igloo button on the bottom right.
4. Click the Better Igloo’s Catalog Icon.


Here is how to find the Piano:

1.  Go to page 2
2. Click on the Ticket Booth


Here is how to find the Bowling Alley:

1. Go to the 3rd page of the Better Igloo’s Catalog.
2. Click on the top left window.


Here is how to find the Refrigerator:

1. Go to the 3rd Page
2. Click the buttons on the left side of the stove


Here is how to find the Band Stage:

1. Go to the 4th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the Gramophone record.


Here’s how to find the Wall Speakers:

1. Go to the 4th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the top of the DJ Tables.


Here is how to find the Bowling Pin:

1. Go to Page 5
2. Click on the Construction Barrier


Here’s how to find the Guitar Stand:

1. Go to the 6th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the Stone Column ruins.


Here’s how to find the LCD Television:

1. Go to the 6th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the top of the torch.


Awesome Club Penguin Cheats! Let us know in a comment which items you cant wait to buy! :-)


Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades September 2009 Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new Halloween edition of the Igloo Upgrades Catalog! It has a returning Jack O’ Lantern Igloo and some returning Club Penguin Cheats as well! Check it out:


How to find the Secret Stone Igloo:

1. Log on to Club Penguin
2. Go to your igloo
3. Open the Igloo Upgrades Catalog
4. Go to page 2
5. Click the crowbar in the top right


Here is how to find the Gingerbread House:

1. Go to page 7
2. Click on the four “candy” words


Here is how to find the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:

1. Go to page 8
2. Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door


Awesome! Same ol’ cheats ;-) How do you like the new pumpkin igloo? Comment and let us know!


Club Penguin Sensei Tracker – Where is Sensei and Tips to Find Sensei!

Chinsetakout here!!

We again have a Sensei Tracker that will make finding Sensei on Club Penguin a ton easier! It will tell you the server, room, and time of when we have found Sensei on Club Penguin. Please realize we update the tracker manually. Check it out:

Click here to refresh the Sensei Tracker. The tracker is updated whenever we find Sensei on Club Penguin. Check back for Sensei’s current location here.

Tips to Finding Sensei on Club Penguin:

Below are some very helpful cheats to finding Sensei on Club Penguin:

1. When the tracker is updated the location is always correct. We update the tracker when we have found Sensei on Club Penguin. Click here to refresh the Sensei Tracker.

2. Sensei goes on crowded servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen. He spends about 15 minutes in each server!

3. Sensei is usually found in the Ninja Hideout or the Dojo Courtyard!

4. Sensei is a gray penguin who wears a straw hat and has a beard. He is slightly larger then other penguins so you can see him easier.

5. Sensei always has a ton of penguins crowding him in Club Penguin. If you can’t see him, check the users in the room list. His name will be there and their will be a wide smiley face next to it.

6. Sensei is always online after he arrives to Club Penguin! Check our tracker 24/7

7. You can’t add Sensei to your buddy list, but if you do find Sensei, you can get a free autographed background by clicking the “add buddy” button on his playercard.

8.  Follow Chinsetakout on Twitter for announcements on Sensei’s location in Club Penguin.

9. Chat at CpClubPenguin.org’s Chatbox to create a search group to make finding Sensei easier.

10. Leave a comment on the Club Penguin Sensei Tracker Page if you have found Sensei!

Awesome! I really hope that we can help everyone find Sensei on Club Penguin! Let us know if you have found Sensei! ;-)