New Author: Monchocho

Hello Penguins,

Hi guys! You might have been noticed I’ve been posting this last 2 days cuz Chinse quit. I am very sad he quitted but thats why Paintboy100 is looking for new authors, so thats why im here.


Im jusy expecting you guys can have fun with my post while Paintboy looks for new authors. Even do, i also have a site and since this is an intro of my to this site i want you to know more about me.

“Click Here To Visit My Site”



Reviewed By You!

Hello Penguins,

Have you guys checked the new reviewed by you on the community section? Well, as you know Squidzoid vs Gamma Girl & Shadow Guys is coming tomorrow so here a review of it:


Here’s what Plumpy55647 thought:

I think squidzoid. It has always looked cool when penguins waddle around pretending to be a real squidzoid making monster noises like rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! and jump out from behind a bush.

Pretty cool right? I cant wait to buy the new outfit tomorrow at the stage and also dont forget Next Friday,  there will be some new furniture coming out in Better Igloos. Make sure to decorate your igloo to win the Halloween Igloo Contest!

In Other News: This is my second post and im sorry for the trouble that happened on my first post.


Club Penguin Issue #208!

Hello Penguins,

Yay! Today its Thursday and theres a new issue is delivered on you igloo front door! Wanna check it out? Lets take a deep look at it:


Awesome right? New pin, contest, parties, plays and much more fun stuff coming this month! Lets take a look…

Igloo Contest :

As you know every single year there an annual Halloween igloo decoration contest and sometimes you have a chance to win!


Yay! This is just getting better and better I cant wait to see all those igloos decorated to win this Contest! This contest begins on October 16 so make sure your igloo is the nest of the best!

Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Party Coming:

Yay! October 24 is almost here and you do you know what is coming with it? The Club penguin 4th Anniversary party! Check this out:


The new party hat might be green with blue and yellow! I think thats the new party hat cuz if you look closely those are the balloon colors! Wow! i never though those where gonna be the new party hat colors!

Volcano Mystery:

As you know theres a new room coming and we all know that new room is the Club Penguin Volcano.


Rumors continue and it seems its gonna rain again on Club Penguin! Finally we all are gonna take a shower! LOL The new room might be here in the next 2 weeks.. what do you think?

Upcoming Events:


Cool right? Theres a lot of new thing coming this month so make sure to come back tomorrow for the latest cheats on all this new stuff! Remember Card-Jitsu giveaway is also today so keep refreshing!