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Refresh this page constantly to see every update of Aunt Arctic’s Location.

Please Comment Aunt Arctic’s Location if you find her! :D Thanks

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Aunt Arctic’s Status: Offline (Refresh)
Aunt Arctic’s Server: None (Refresh)
Aunt Arctic’s Room: Backstage (Refresh)
Tracker Last Updated: July 6 9:12pm CPT (Refresh)
Refresh the tracker for Aunt Arctic’s latest location.

History and Information on Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic is the newspaper editor for the Club Penguin Times. She hasn’t been seen on Club Penguin very often. Actually, only once. Her first and only visit came when she waddled around at the Club Penguin Play Awards. That was the only time possible to meet her on Club Penguin and hopefully won’t be the last. Aunt Arctic is also the focus in Mission One (if your a Secret Agent) Aunt Arctic is awesome to meet on Club Penguin. She is very nice and gives away an autographed background. Make sure to grab one if your lucky enough to meet her!
Tips to Finding Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin:
  • Form a search group with people on our Chatbox this will help you have a better chance of finding her
  • Search with your friends, if you see a friend in a server go check it out and see if they found her
  • She will only be visiting the Backstage, so only check that room to save time
  • Comment on this page whenever you find Aunt Arctic so we can update the Tracker
  • Always check the comments to see if anyone has found Aunt Arctic yet.
  • Keep refreshing this page and our website to see all the lastest updates on Aunt Arctic’s Location on Club Penguin

Aunt Arctic’s Playercard:

Most of the buttons that you can usually push on a Club Penguin playercard are not available on Aunt Arctic’s Playercard. The only button you can push is the “add to your buddy list” button. When you press this you will recieve the background Aunt Arctic is bringing around on that trip to Club Penguin.Here is what it looks like:
Remember please comment if you find Aunt Arctic! Thank you :D

15 Responses

  1. how do you get the trackers and how do you update them comment back

  2. cool!

  3. I had an old girly account called Florence870 who met Aunt Arctic but Penguin66716 will meet her too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. People, this chat works, I was here and I got my first autograph, sensei’s autograph! I was called Patrick on the chat, and everyone was working like mad on this to help eveyone find backgrounds. You will occasionally find someone breaking the rules, but that is extremely rare. This is the best way to find where the penguins are, the vital information is the server. This sometimes has over 100 people on, so someone is bound to find whoever when theres that many people.

  5. hi im abbygale3211.i have 4 penguins named abbygale3211,leoardo3,partypeins10, and best friend is chloe kayla1. if you see any of theese penguins ask to be my buddy i will say yes. i have every famos penguins backrounds exspect for antarict, and gary. bye penguins and people on this website and this world.

  6. mama mia!!!! oh… I FOUND HER!!!

  7. its broken

  8. i addded u to my blogroll plz add me to my Username:greenyjr My site link is *no advertising*

  9. i like the song

  10. Cool website but can you tell me how do you get the trackers and how do you update.The 1st commentor also asked same question but you didn’t answer

  11. I found Anut Arutik

  12. i need to get her

  13. as a penguin can i be famous can i my penguins name is 8seaweed8. if i do will i on club penguin tracker.

  14. as a penguin can i be famous can i my penguins name is 8seaweed8. if i do will i on club penguin tracker.oh what is your phone number can you tell me.send me a note i have only 13 days.

  15. hi clubpenguin penguins.this is Aunt Artic,and i picked the winner for finding Rockhopper,it is a penguin named Chinsetakout.Congrats.And Rockhopper’s password is *************.Thank you and go to his password.Bye penguins. love,Aunt Artic

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