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Club Penguin Ninja Cheats

site statistics
You can become a ninja on Club Penguin by mastering the game of Card Jitsu. We have made a Club Penguin Cheats Guide to become a ninja. Follow it carefully and you will become a ninja in no time! :D

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Cheats

  1. Go to the Dojo
  2. Talk to the Sensei (top right corner)
  3. He will give you your Card Jitsu starter kit which is your first step to becoming a ninja


To win a Card Jitsu match on Club Penguin you use the card type and card number. Use this for help:

  • Water beats fire
  • Fire beats snow
  • Snow beats water
  • If both cards are the same type the higher number wins
  • If a number 10 card is played then the following turn the lower number wins
  • If both cards are the same type and have the same number, its a re-draw

You can win a Card Jitsu Match on Club Penguin in two different ways:

  1. Get all three types of cards: fire, water, and snow (must be different color cards)
  2. Get three of one type, such as three waters (must be different color cards)



Earning Ninja Belts on Club Penguin

To earn higher belts in Card Jitsu you must win matches. Each time you win a Card Jitsu match on Club Penguin you are one step closer to the next ninja belt. To see how far you are to your next belt click the cards in the bottom right corner of your screen while you are in the Dojo or Dojo Courtyard.


This menu shows you how close you are to a new belt!


Here are the different levels of the Ninja Belt on Club Penguin:


The best way to earn Club Penguin Ninja Belts:

  1. Always play in competion mode. To do this talk to Sensei then click “Earn my Belts”
  2. Always play people that have higher belts than you because you get more experience points for beating someone above you rather than someone below you.
  3. A good way to earn your belts is to have a friend or sibling meet you in an empty server so you keep playing each other. It is good to keep switching off letting each other win. This is the fastest way to earn your black belt!


How to beat Sensei and earn your Ninja Mask:

  1. Walk up to Sensei and challenge him to a Card Jitsu Match
  2. He will beat you for the first 5-7 times
  3. I recommend losing as quickly as possible the first 5 or so times because you cannot win
  4. You usually beat Sensei and earn your Ninja Mask between the 8-10 tries


Club Penguin Ninja Hideout:

Once you become a Ninja on Club Penguin you gain access into the Secret Ninja Hideout.

Here is how to enter the Secret Ninja Hideout on Club Penguin:

  1. Open the Map
  2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard
  3. Hover over the stone tablet to the left of the Dojo
  4. Enter the Secret Ninja Hideout


Here is what the Secret Ninja Hideout on Club Penguin looks like:


There is a Ninja Catalog in the Secret Ninja Hideout. It contains items such as the Dojo Igloo and the Ninja Suit. If you wear only the Ninja Mask you earn from Sensei and the Ninja Suit you become invisible.


Good luck on  your quest for the Black Belt. Comment if you have any questions! :D


58 Responses

  1. Good Luck becoming a Ninja! :D


  2. I am a ninja!

  3. :D

  4. I’m still working on it I was at green but your guide got me to brown! I can’t wait to meet Sensei!

    • Awesome! Keep up the good work! I hope you can become a black belt before Sensei comes :D


    • cool

      • i was a white belt and now i am a ninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Congratulations, you have chinsetakeout to thank

          ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  5. lol good one im already a ninja but check out this website *no advertising*

  6. how do you beat seisn if you don’t have your black belt

    • u cant

    • Sorry you cannot be the sensei in any other way except for being a black belt

      ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

      Trying to be CPC mod

    • You can beat Sensei in the game without the ninja belt by keep on playing and you might eventually beat him. It is the same as beating Sensei with the ninja belt. If you need anymore help please feel free to email me at tvfan18cp@aim.com

  7. when i fight i have a black belt but i cant where it. And I beat sensei 5 times anddident get the mask plus i cant go in the ninja hide out.

    your friend cris3765

    • cris3765 said: when i fight i have a black belt but i cant where it. And I beat sensei 5 times anddident get the mask plus i cant go in the ninja hide out.

      Hello cris, this is a hard question to answer, but i will always try and do mest best to answer correctly.

      1. To where a belt go click on the star/membership icon and click the arrow on your playercard. Find the black belt click it and there you go! If it is not in your inventory then you may be having trouble with your interent browser, using internet explorer 8 has some bugs when playing cp on it. Try using 7 or mozillia firefoox

      2. You might not have got the mask for the same reason ad the first question i answered.

      3. You must beat the sensei to get in the ninja hideout

      Contact cp if my suggestions did not work

      Hope i Helped

      Trying to be CPC mod

      ~ 8) Woff 8) ~





  10. cool??????????????????

  11. visit my website: *no advertising* its the best plz leave a comment!

  12. I played Sensei 6 time then I beat , when you play him lots of
    times he is easy!

  13. I played Sensei 6 times , when you play him lots of times he is easy!

  14. is this cool or stupid??

  15. its not fair people who aren’t members can’t get anyhing except the mask there should be a backround or somthing i am a ninja!!!!!

  16. rate a website go on jacqueline wilsons website u rite about your problems then people answer i tell u wat u could do!
    Club penguin is getting boring now do u agee!!!!

  17. im ored so i keep writing iv got the flying hat bunny ears tour guide hat the wizard hat and the weir war hat thingy!!!!!!!

  18. oh btw my email isnt real.anyway i earned the mask already but i cant go in the hideout still.why?

    • Milie said: oh btw my email isnt real.anyway i earned the mask already but i cant go in the hideout still.why?


      Hello millie i will answer your question

      You must beat the sensei to get into the hideout

      ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  19. bonjotis las lutasi

  20. im back to talk !!!!

  21. ive already said you talk about your problems and people tell you what you can do

  22. im a ninja

    • cool

  23. im a ninja and im cool!

  24. Anyone want some chinesetakeout? lol!

  25. sensei is easy to beat!!!!!!!

  26. sensei is easy to beat he has cool cards how do you get them cards??????

    • I can answer your quesition, to get cool cards you have to buy trading cards:-( I had the same problem

    • To get the cool cards go to a store like Toys R US, Walmart, the mall, and more! There is a code that you enter into Club Penguin. (coin code) Hope this helps! If you need any help please feel free to email me at tvfan18cp@aim.com

  27. but how do you get trading cards???

  28. no advitising cool!! i might just vist it!

  29. im going bye

    • buy it

  30. how do you get more cards

  31. nkn

  32. Hi, i need help im not a member yet at club penguin but i dont know if u hav 2 pay 2 b a member??? and if i dont want 2 b a member can u give me cheats how 2 get girly clothes? thanks!!!

  33. any ideas thanks!

  34. soz my nickname in club penguin is Presh456

  35. ye how do u get more cards???

  36. wer do u get trading cards???

  37. Cool took me 2 days to earn the black belt

  38. Thanks chinse this really helped me! (CPC MOD)

  39. this helped s much i was a white belt but now im an orange and still workin on my next one thogh i was hopin for some cheats

  40. we should get member ship for free because its no fair if someone dont get member ship and a other penguin has mamber and wereing lots of clothes

  41. i beat him in 3 tries ad without help but this will help meh when im helping my dad with his account! (I can hacvk in and he doesnt kno) hehe

  42. is the ninja book have cheats? piz tell me

  43. ok so i beat the sensi and i go to the secret hide out but i cant get the maask. i am not a member. do u have to buy it??

  44. omfg! its not fair tht u hve 2 b a gay member 4 everything!!!

  45. no just beat sensie

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