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The Storm Is Slowly Arriving For Halloween!

Hey Everyone! It’s Staly Vegas Posting and From What I See, None Of The Author’s Have Been Recently Posting. I’m Sorry For This and This Website will still be updating cheats U Club Penguin Cheat’s Site Where The Cheats Will Be Updated 24/7!

Anyway, There Is a Storm Slowly Arriving To The Small Island Of Club Penguin! :)

The Storm Is Here!

Pretty Cool, Huh? I Just Can’t Wait For The Storm To Move Over Club Penguin Fully, It Just Gives Me a Spooky Feeling About Halloween, You Know What I Mean? a Tickle Down Your Spine. BOO!

-Main Owner, Staly Vegas-


Club Penguin Pirate Mini Party Review!

Chinsetakout be here mateys!

LOL! That was an AWESOME pirate party! You guys rock so much! Thanks for coming and celebrating Rockhopper’s Arrival to Club Penguin! You guys are definitely the best fans in the world and I just want to thank you so much! :-) Now for the review!

First we started out at the beach! Everyone was in red or dressed like a pirate, it was awesome! My computer was lagging cause the room was so full!


Next at the beach we had some fun with emotes! ;-)


I tried to add as many people as possible at the party or send you a postcard! Please make sure your Penguin Mailbox isn’t full otherwise I can’t send you one.


After that we headed to the beacon to check on Rockhopper! Hopefully he won’t crash again ;-) It was a ton of fun!


After that we went downstairs to the lighthouse! We had some fun with the music notes and rocked the Lighthouse! :-)


Then at the end of the party we went to the Iceberg! We made an awesome line across the Iceberg! And yes you guys do rock! ;-) (click the picture to enlarge it)


LOL! Next we chanted Jojo161616’s name on Club Penguin! AKA gogo because Jojo doesn’t show. ;-p


Like always we had a second short mini party in my igloo after I left the party. I put the my igloo on the map and  tried to add everyone that I couldn’t during the party!


Wowzers! LOL! That party was a ton of fun! Did you guys have fun? Do you see your penguin in any of these pictures? Look out for another party soon! ;-)


Click here to follow Chinsetakout’s Twitter!

Club Penguin Mini Party: Theme Revealed!

Hey Everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!!

So the Club Penguin Cheats Team has given you several clues to the details of our next mini party. Here they are again if you missed any!

Miss the first clue? Click here for the first Mini Party Clue!

Miss the second clue? Click here for the Second Party Clue!

Miss the third clue? Click here for the Third Mini Party Clue!

Miss the fourth clue? Click here for the Fourth Mini Party Clue!

But now, I am pleased to announce the theme for our Club Penguin mini party that is coming up!! Drum roll please!

pirateThat’s right!! It’s going to be Pirate themed to celebrate Rockhopper’s Arrival to Club Penguin!! Wear any pirate clothes that you have!! If you don’t have any just wear red for Rockhopper!! This is gonna be a ton of fun!!

Did you figure out all the clues but think you might forget about the party? Go grab a piece of paper and pen and write yourself a little reminder ;-)

Im getting really excited for the party!! See you all there!

-Dr Pepper 66

Click here to follow Chinsetakout’s Twitter!

Club Penguin Snow and Sports Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Club Penguin released a new What’s New today about the new Sport’s Catalog that will come out this week.  He says it will include cheerleader wigs and football stuff!


Remember to check back Friday for all of the Club Penguin Cheats! Comment what you think about what is going to be in the catalog!!

In other news: Be sure to enter the Club Penguin Twitter contest! We will be giving away four coin codes away to people who are following Chinsetakout’s Twitter! If you want to read more about it click here!

-Dr Pepper 66

New Club Penguin Music Video “You Belong with Me”

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!!

Today, Chinsetakout, Jojo161616, and I made an exclusive Club Penguin music video to Taylor Swift’s song You Belong with Me!! We’d all really like it if you watched it, commented on it, and rated it!! It took us a while and we hope you like it! Comment your opinions here too!! We will hopefully be making some more music videos for everyone to enjoy! You can also check out our older music videos on Chinsetakout’s Youtube!!

Here is a sneak peek of the next music video:


Comment and let us know what you think of the video and of the clue!

-Dr Pepper 66

Club Penguin Fix the Pool Mini Party Review!

Chinsetakout here!!

Wow!! All I can say is Wow!! LOL! That was an AMAZING Club Penguin party, thanks to all you guys :-)  SO MANY OF YOU GUYS WERE THERE! It rocked! I don’t know about all you guys, but I had a blast! We did a lot of things during the party and waddled around a couple rooms! Sorry about me leaving during a couple parts. My internet was getting messed up because so many of you were there! ;-p I hope your happy, you finally broke my internet ;-) LOL! Well, I took a whole lot of pictures, so lets take a look!

We started out in the Underground Pool to help Gary fix the pool windows. Too bad Gary didn’t show up! How cool would that have been? It was so full in the pool I had trouble even getting in!


I tried to add everyone that was in partying in the pool with me, but my list became full. If your mailbox wasn’t full I tried to send you a postcard!


Then we attempted to make a line across the pool. Look’s like a four year old drew that line ;-p


Then we headed to the Iceberg to rock out and  have a little tipping party :-) Tip you darn Iceberg :-(


Then of course in honor of the Festival of Flight we had a little flying party! Hey wait a minute is that Gary right there? ;-) Hmmm… maybe he was spying on our party! LOL!


Once the party had ended I went back to my igloo and opened it on the map! After every mini party, I will go back to my igloo and have a little mini party after the mini party ;-p Those of you who find me in my igloo will be added if you weren’t already at the party.


Well that was the best party ever and don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, we will DEFINITELY do it again really soon. The next party might not be so easy to find though…we will have some parties where we only announce it on my twitter: http://twitter.com/Chinsetakout. Follow me to always know when we are having a party and other parties we will give out clues that will tell you all the information about the party. Thanks again for partying with me and I hope everyone had a great time!


Club Penguin Party Sneak Peek

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Billybob just released a sneak peek for the August Party! Check it out:

partyLooks cool! It doesn’t look like a water party though.  Billybob seemed to want to make it extremely clear that it will be nothing we have ever seen on Club Penguin.  Sounds really exciting.  Comment on what you think the theme will be!

-Dr Pepper 66