Penguin Games 2008

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Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 Here!

The Penguin Games were released today.  I have to admit they are pretty cool.  There is a marathon that goes from the ski village to the cove, a 3-lap race event at the iceberg, and a freestyle swimming competition at the underground pool! To being, just click the medal on the top-right of your screen!

For each event make sure you stop at the lights until they light up.  That is G’s way of keeping track of everyone!

Once you finish all three competitions, you can claim your gold medal!


The Icerink as been transformed into a soccer field exclusively for members, but don’t worry, there is still an icerink for us to hang out on. 

And last but not least, the facepaint has returned!! You can find the red facepaint in the Coffee Shop while the blue facepaint is in the Pizza Parlor!

Comment and tell us what your favorite part of this party is!

-Dr Pepper 66


Penguin Times #149

Chinsetakout here!!

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The penguin games are here this friday!! Remember you will have to earn the prizes by playing games! Also at the ice rink there will be a soccer pitch but only members will be allowed there! The different sports you can compete in our:

  • Cross Country Marathon
  • Swim Meet
  • Track Meet

Also Gary has a surprise for the marathon. It is a special way to keep track of penguin! I think it might be something that changes after you cross a certain line or maybe an item that is a number who knows?

Here are some events coming to a Club Penguin near you!

Also for the Penguin Games which side are you on Red or Blue?

Comment which side you are on!