CP Better Igloo Catalog Cheats & Secrets

Hey Penguins,

Hey everyone paintboy100 here. If you didn’t notice club penguin released the new better igloos catalog or as a lot of people know it the furniture catalog. I noticed that none of the other authors on this site posted the cheats so if your looking for all the new catalog cheats you can find them by clicking here or clicking on the picture of the catalog below.

There was actually a TON of hidden items in this months better igloo catalog so it’s probably one of the best set of catalog cheats in a long time. I think i’m going to be buying a lot of the stuff from the catalog and throwing a bowling party with a live band in my igloo sometime soon.

Some of the hidden items in the new furniture catalog are a bowling alley, bowling pins, a penguin band stage, and lots of wall mount speakers so i think it would work out pretty well =)

Be sure to check out the new club penguin catalog cheats and hopefully you have enough coins to buy some of the cool new items.

Here’s the video i made showing all the hidden items in the new better igloo’s catalog. Check it out and rate it 6 stars =p.


4 Responses

  1. Paintboy, I am suggesting you to find more authors, this blog haven’t updated for a week.

  2. Hi i’m Matt26187,

    i’d like to find a job here and work here if you would like to add me my email is up and written well thats all good joob on your site!


  3. Hey great post paintboy100! If you need help with site I will sure post for you :D Anyway well done on keeping the site in shape. Browers

  4. Hi i’m Matt26187,

    I think this is a good site for me to work here and help out so Paintboy if you want cheats updated 24/7 with alot of views you can add me as author on this blog

    Thanks for your time.


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