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Club Penguin Coin Cheats

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We have compiled tons of hints and tips for a most of the games on Club Penguin to help you get a ton of coins. Using these tips should help you become rich on Club Penguin. These tips will help you buy all the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog and Furniture Catalog items you could ever want! Press control + F on your keyboard to find the certain coin cheats and tips you need.

Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Thin Ice

Follow these paths to get the maximum amount of coins in a short amount of time:

Thin Ice – Level 1


Thin Ice – Level 2


Thin Ice – Level 3


Thin Ice – Level 4


Thin Ice – Level 5


Thin Ice – Level 6


Thin Ice – Level 7


Thin Ice – Level 8


Thin Ice – Level 9


Thin Ice – Level 10


Thin Ice – Level 11


Thin Ice – Level 12


Thin Ice – Level 13


Thin Ice – Level 14


Thin Ice – Level 15


Thin Ice – Level 16


Thin Ice – Level 17


Thin Ice – Level 18


Thin Ice – Level 19


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Pizzatron3000

1. In the start menu click the red lever to switch to the candy version on Pizzatron3000. You can earn more coins on this version.


2. Put on each item from left to the right. Sauce, Cheese, then toppings. The white screen above the conveyor belt will show you which toppings to add to each pizza and will show you how many coins you have and how many pizzas  you have left to make.


3. The best way to earn coins while playing Pizzatron3000 is to keep a streak of consecuative correct pizzas. When you have made correct pizzas in a row your tip rises.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – DJ3K

The way to earn coins on DJ3k is by making a song by pressing the different buttons which make sound effects. Here are some tips for Dj3K

1. To get the most coins keep pressing each button which adds more sound effects into the song you are mixing. The more sound effects you add, the more coins you will earn.

2. You can tell how well your doing by the expression on the penguin’s face. Try to keep him happy with great beats and sound effects.


3. Another great way to earn coins is by pressing a ton of sound effects for about a minute then keep playing the game without doing anything for about about 5-10 mintues. If you keep moving your mouse you can do it for as long as you want because you won’t become idle. With this method you can easily earn over 200 coins!


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Aqua Grabber

These are the instructions shown when you enter a game of Aqua Grabber.


1. If your ship fills all the way up with water you boat will have to return to the surface and thus you will lose a life.


2. If you ever need to empty your boat because it is filled with water quickly find an air bubble. They will empty your boat of all water.


3. If your in need of air, you can also jump out of the water to release all the water in your boat.


4. When the clams are asleep grab the white and black pearls from their mouth. Make sure not to wake them up.


5. Bring a pink puffle with you when you play Aqua Grabber because when you are in need of an air bubble they will blow one for you with the scuba gear.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Aqua Grabber: Clam Waters Cheats

Collect all the pearls from the clams while they are sleeping. Make sure not to wake them up. The black pearls are worth more coins then the white ones.


Once your done picking up all the pearls from the top, head downward and to the right. Pick up the black rock.


Now replace the rock in the Giant Clam’s mouth. Next pick up the Grand Pearl.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Aqua Grabber: Soda Seas Cheats

To clear up the sea from the purple soda you must pick up all the barrels. Then bring them up and put in them in the net. Everytime you bring one up then sea will become more clear.


Once you have picked up enough of the soda barrels the plants will start to come back to life and let you pass through. There are more barrels behind them that you need to pick up and bring back up to the top.


Once you picked up all the soda barrels head through the place where the bubbles are coming from at the bottom of the sea. There you must meanuver your way through the puffer fish.


After that you must get around the Giant Puffer Fish to find the treasure! Bring it back to win the level.

Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Jetpack Adventure

Here are the instructions for Jet Pack adventure shown to you at the beginning on the game.


1. When you are playing make sure to look around for the yellow balloons. They carry extra fuel that can really help make it to the end of each level.


2. The most important thing to do is while playing make sure you always keep an eye at the amount of fuel you have left. If you run out of fuel you will have to pull your parachute. It is located in the top left corner.


3. If you complete every level of Jetpack Adventure on Club Penguin without getting a single coin you will recieve 1,000 coins at the end of the game. Remember if you have any extra fuel at the end of a level it counts as coins.

Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Dance Contest

Play a Dance Contest with a Purple Puffle on Club Penguin:

  1. Walk your purple puffle
  2. Enter the Dance Contest game in the Night Club

Playing with your purple puffle will allow you to earn more coins.


Play the Expert Difficulty in Single Person Mode:

  1. Go to the Night Club
  2. Enter a Dance Contest
  3. Play Single Player
  4. Pick your song
  5. Next click on DJ Cadence’s face
  6. Choose to play the Expert Difficulty


Another great way to do your best while playing in a Dance Contest is turning down the lights. This will make the game a lot faster and won’t make the game stutter. To turn the lights off go the top right corner and click on the meter.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Hydro Hopper

These are the instructions shown to you when you enter Hydro Hopper.


Make sure you are wearing a wake board before you start playing Hydro Hopper. These can be bought in the Sports Shop and help you get more coins.


1. During the game, try to surf over top the life tubes. They will give you an extra life during the game.


The life tubes in the game will look like this:


2. Hop over all the different items by click your mouse. This is how you earn coins in this game. The more things you jump over the more coins you recieve.


3. You cannot jump over the buoys. If you try they will knock you off your tube and you will lose a life.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Treasure Hunt

Here are the instructions provided in Rockhopper’s Quarters:


Treasure Hunt is a new game, located in Rockhopper’s Quarters. Here are some tips for Treasure Hunt.

1. Work together with your partner to find gems, coins, hidden items.

2. A sparkle indicates a gem. Use this to help find all of them.

3. Try to find two sparkles next to each other. This means a gem or crystal is near.

4. Dig your lines further away from each other. It will help finding sparkles much easier.

5. The best way to earn coins fast is to find a friend and go into an empty server with them. Just keep playing with them until you have all the coins you need. In a full server it is sometimes hard to get into a game.

Coins, Gems and Emeralds are worth different amounts. Here how much each item is worth.

  • Coins are worth more than one coin.
  • Gems are worth more than 25 coins.
  • Emeralds are worth 100 coins.

Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Bean Counters

1. Your penguin can only hold five bags of coffee. Make sure you unload some bags before you reach five, otherwise you will lose a life.


The best time to unload your bags are when there is a break in things flying out of the truck.


During the game, you can earn extra lives by going underneath of the flying penguin head.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Ice Fishing

Here are the instructions provided when you enter a game of Ice Fishing.


1. Always use your flashing fishing rod, which is available in the sports shop. This will allow you to catch the silver fish and earn more coins.


2. Watch out for the floating objects in the water. If one of them floats into your line while you have a fish, it will knock it off.


3. The best way to earn coins while Ice Fishing is by catching the Mullet Fish. You can always see it coming when you see the shadow in the background. Catch a regular yellow fish to use as bait for the Mullet.


4. If you see a can of worms floating around make sure to pick it up. These will give you an extra life.


Club Penguin Coin Cheat – Cart Surfer

1. Make sure you wear the color lime green because it will make you faster and earn more coins.

2. To earn more coins on turns press the down arrow key and either the left or right arrow key (depending on which way your turning) on your keyboard.


3. The best tricks to do are the back flip (down arrow + space bar) and the 360 spin (space bar + right or left arrow key).



All the Cart Surfer Moves:

Left Spin – Space + Left (←). = 80 points
Right Spin – Space + Right (→). = 80 points
Back flip – Down (↓) + Space. = 100 points
Crazy Run – Down (↓) + Down (↓). = 80 points
Crazy Leap – Space + Up (↑). = 50 points
Handstand – Up (↑) + Up (↑). = 80 points
Surf Jump – Up (↑) + Space. = 20 points
Cart Slam – Space + Down (↓). = 30 points
Normal Turn – Right (→) or Left (←). = 10 points
Surf Turn – Up (↑) + Right (→) or Left (←). = 10 to 50 points
Cart Grind – Down (↓) + Right (→) or Left (←) = 10 to 80 points

Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Puffle Round-Up

Here are the instructions provided to you when you enter a game of Puffle Round-up.


1. Try to get puffles in a group before you try to put them in the pen. Trying to put them all individually in takes to much time.


2. Make sure not to let the puffles near the edge run away. This will make you earn less coins. Try to put them in the pen first.


3. Watch out for the timer in the top right corner. If you finish with more time left on the clock you will earn more coins.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Astro Barrier

Here are the instructions provided when you enter a game of Astro Barrier.


1. There are three secret cheats to skip levels in Astro Barrier:

  • On the start page press 1 on your keyboard to skip to level 10
  • On the start page press 2 on your keyboard to skip to level 20
  • On the start page press 3 on your keyboard to skip to level 30


2. Once you have finished level 10 wait 20-30 seconds. A blue ship will appear. Shoot it with one of your bullets and it will bring you to secret levels.


3. When your finished with level 30 with 25-40 seconds. A blue ship will appear. Shoot and the turret will shoot the blue ship. This will take you to expert levels.


4. Before Level 7 begins a screen will coming up telling you that if you shoot blue dots before the other ones you will gain an extra life. Shoot the blue dot on this page. You will recieve and extra life.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Sled Racing

1. Slide over the blue sheets of ice. They will make you speed up.


2. Watch out for obstacles such as logs, rocks, and jumps. These can knock you off your sled.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Paint by Letters: My Puffle

Here is the cover of the book My Puffle:


When the puffle walks out of the door, push the door open:


Choose beach then lift up the sand bucket:


Lift up the lighthouse. When it hits the ground the coin will pop out:


Pull the sky down to reveal the coin:


Again pull the sky down. This coin moves so you must be quick:


You receive extra coins for finding all the secret coins in the book.


Club Penguin Coin Cheats – Paint by Letters: Burnt out Bulb

Here is the cover of the book:


You must type the whole first page until it says “burnt out” then push the hockey puck to the left. The hockey puck will reveal the coin.


Before you start typing on the next page put your mouse on the top left corner to find the coin


On the next page open the top of the piano to find the coin:


On the next page when the picture appears click the clock to make Fred jump out. He will be carrying the coin:


This is one is very hard. Follow carefully. Once the picture appears move the wooden floor in this order of directions by dragging them: right, left, up, down. A coin will pop up in the bottom right corner. You must click it very fast.


On the next page make the DJ dance floor the same pattern as the puffle poster on the wall. The coin will be behind the poster:


On the next page once the lights are up drag up the center peice of the ice. The coin will be under it:


You will earn extra coins since you found all the secret coins:


Club Penguin Coin Cheat – Paint by Letters: Lime Green Dojo Clean

Here is the cover of the book:


Click the top of the mop then lift it and the mop will fly outside, then mop outiside until you uncover the coin


Click the coin to recieve it


Click the top of the green paint can then lift the can


Click the coin to recieve it


Click the green paint blob and hold and drag it all over the screen until the paint is gone and the coin is uncovered


Keep hovering over the green penguin and hitting him into the wall until he makes a hole in the roof


Click the coin to recieve it


Move the characters to the left then click those spaces in the order they are numbered


Click the coin to receive it


Click the paint can then move it to the right


Click the coin to recieve it


Click the lightbulb and then it will get dark


Move the lightbulb in this path and put it in the lightbulb outline


Move the lightbulb in this path and put it in the lightbulb outline


Move the lightbulb in this path and put it in the lightbulb outline


The lights will come back on then click the coin to receive it


Click the air plug on the octopus then lift it


Click the coin to receive it


Congrats, you have collected all the coins and get a bonus! :D


Club Penguin Coin Cheat – Catchin’ Waves

1. Survival Mode is the best way to earn coins if you are using the regular surf board:


2. If you have never played you can learn how by doing a Surf Lesson


3.  You go much faster and get more coins if you wear a surfboard on your playercard.


4. You can do tricks in the air by clicking arrow keys on the keyboard and by spinning your mouse.


5. In survival mode avoid the floating icebergs. If you hit one you will lose a life.


6. A warning will pop up when an iceberg is approaching.


7. Follow this video tutorial I made to earn up to 3500 coins in one game:

Some pictures thanks to Chrisdog93.

Comment :D


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