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    CPC MODS Becoming a CPC MOD is easy! Just follow these steps: Answer questions people ask in the comments then at the bottom of your answer put your name and (CPC MOD) If there are no questions just write a comment! You can rise the ranks by commmenting a ton!

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Club Penguin Moderators

Club Penguin Moderators are the people who made, update, and keep Club Penguin safe for all of us! Moderators are hired by Club Penguin to help keep Club Penguin safe by banning penguins who break the rules. There are a few Club Penguin Moderators that are really well known around the Club Penguin Island.


Info: Billybob’s real name is Lane Merrifield. He is the CEO of Club Penguin, and one of the founders. Billybob is also, the executive vice president, and general manager of the Club Penguin division at the Disney Internet group. Billybob also posts on the Club Penguin Blog.



Info: Rsnail’s real name is Lance Priebe. He is one of the founders of Club Penguin and his penguin name means Rocketsnail, the name of the site Club Penguin used to be on! He works with the flash codes and created the Club Penguin website.



Info: Screenhog’s real name is Chris Hendricks. He is not listed in the founders of Club Penguin. He is the graphics designer, and he writes the Penguin Times. Screenhog also sometimes posts on the Club Penguin Blog.



Info: Nothing is known about Happy77. Some poeple don’t even think she exists. She does somtimes however post on the Club Penguin Blog. Her job on the blog is to interview the workers on Club Penguin to find out what their favorite part of the project they are working on is.



Info: Gizmo’s real name is Dave Krysko. He is the Co-Founder of Club Penguin. He first opened New Horizon Productions, which later became New Horizon Interactive. New Horizon Interactive are the creators of Club Penguin. Gizmo also makes and designs the parties! So if you ever see him, make sure to thank him for all the decorations!


Did you know, that Club Penguin Moderators have to use Ultimate Safe Chat Mode?

Knowing if Someone is a Moderator:

To know if someone’s a moderator, pull up their player card, and it will have a M on a badge in the right corner, like this:

Hacking Mods:

I’ve been to a lot of sites, that are made by Club Penguin hackers. Awhile back, the place where Club Penguin Moderators talked about future updates, and contained all the Club Penguin information WAS at http://icebox.clubpenguin.com. Some hackers found this site and hacked past the password. So, they had all access to player’s accounts, they could do anything. Once people started to find this mod site, The Club Penguin Moderators moved all that information to a different site. Also, hacking mods accounts used to be do-able. But, again once people started to hack them, they made a thing for their account, where they type in their computer I.P, so the only access to their accounts is from their own computer.

How to Meet a Moderator:

Meeting a moderator is just like meeting Rockhopper, it’s very hard. First, see if a moderator is online. Go to the log in screen and type the username of a moderator, such as Billybob. Then, for the password type something longer than 5 letters, such as, Ilikepie. If the mod is on it will say “Incorrect Password” if not, it will say, “This Account has been Banned Forever.” If their on, best of luck trying to find them! They could be in any server, mostly, populated one’s. But remember, they could be in any of the flags.

How to Become a Moderator:

If you want to be a Club Penguin Moderator, you must be 18 years of age or older, and live in or near Kelowna, British Columbia, or Canada.

As a safety precaution, each moderator has to be at least 18 because they are dealing directly with children and have to pass a criminal record check.  Moderators work together as a team in the Club Penguin office. This is a part of safety measures – they need to know who is moderating to keep Club Penguin safe.

I hope this page helps you understand more about Club Penguin Moderators. If you have any more questions just ask in a comment!


17 Responses

  1. Have you ever met a Club Penguin Moderator?


    • Hey chinsetakout,

      I have seen many mods.If u wanna know who all then here they are! :D : Billybob (CPIP) then GIZMO (CPIP) SCREANHOG BUT HE WAS ON TEST PENGI THESEBOOTS1 HE ALSO WANTED TO ADD ME HE IS VERY KIND AND I EVEN SPOKE TO HIM HE SAID HE IS SCREENHOG! Not more but pls reply that I told you now!!!!!!!!!!! + +

  2. no but i wish i did

  3. how do you become one?

  4. hi how can i understand that im a mod?i have already send mail to cp…plz contact me i need help!

  5. to become a mod you have to be over 18 or be 18 and send amil to cp and wait for the reply but to be a mod it’s not as easy as 123! you have be very supportive to cp like play it and answer peoples question on the cp blog posts! i hope i helped!

  6. i forgot to add (CPC MOD)

  7. I met Rsnail today on mammoth!

    CPC MOD Setheo1



    • well lostkitty here is some information to be a mod.

      if you are 18 and live in kelowna or british columbia go to the club penguin building and get a job there but you have to email club penguin first and see if they will answer you back.
      hope I helped!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

  9. can i be a owner or mod on your chat plz i beg of you i will do anything

  10. @that’s what you get tough-
    To become a mod u must post 1-2 comments on every post, and answer any questions someone has on this website.
    (Future cpc mod)

  11. I haven’t found one moderator on cp. But I won’t give up!!!!

    -Aiman(CPC MOD)

  12. I met Screenhog!

  13. Heres some info i found about happy77:Happy77 is the only female moderator exept for the possible moderator Cassandra.She sometimes posts on the whats new blog.Her test penguin is Luv2dance160.Her real name is Racheal Leards.She might have another test penguin DaiseyLemon.Theres some info on Happy77!if u want to learn more about her or other clubpenguin characters,go to clubpenguin wiki.

  14. When I get older I am going to become a moderator. I am going to be one of the artists.

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