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Cadence Tracker

site statistics

Refresh this page constantly to see every update of Candence’s Location.

Please Comment Cadence’s Location if you find her! :D Thanks

Club Penguin Cadence Tracker WordPress Blog Code:

<a href=http://cpclubpenguin.org/club-penguin-cadence-tracker><img src=http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk74/chinsetakout/cadencetracker.gif /></a>

Non WordPress Blogs Code:

Cadence’s Status: Offline (Refresh)
Cadence’s Server: Tracking… (Refresh)
Cadence’s Room: Dance Club Roof (Refresh)
Tracker Last Updated: July 17 12:17pm CPT (Refresh)
Refresh the tracker for Cadence’s latest location.

History and Information on Candence
Cadence made her first appearance on Club Penguin at the 2008 Member Dance Party. You could meet her inside the Dance Club. The second time she waddled around Club Penguin was at the Club Penguin Play Awards. Cadence is really awesome to meet. She break dances and even makes shout outs, where she calls out different Penguin Names. Cadence first came to the 2008 Member Party to celebrate a new game. The new game was the Club Penguin Dance Contest. It is really fun and you can play it in the Dance Club. Only members can play multiplayer.
Tips to Finding Cadence on Club Penguin:
  • Form a search group with people on our Chatbox this will help you have a better chance of finding her
  • Search with your friends, if you see a friend in a server go check it out and see if they found her
  • She will only be visiting the Backstage, so only check that room to save time
  • Comment on this page whenever you find Cadence so we can update the Tracker
  • Always check the comments to see if anyone has found Cadence yet.
  • Keep refreshing this page and our website to see all the lastest updates on Cadence’s Location on Club Penguin

Cadence’s Playercard:

Most of the buttons that you can usually push on a Club Penguin playercard are not available on Cadence’s Playercard. The only button you can push is the “add to your buddy list” button. When you press this you will recieve the background Cadence is bringing around on that trip to Club Penguin.Here is what it looks like:
Remember please comment if you find Cadence! Thank you :D

53 Responses

  1. Awesome! Lets find Cadence! :D


  2. the trackers just put the codes waaaa

  3. WAAAAAAAA! I no


  5. You need some one to monitor the chat and get rid of spammers, because it is becoming a sex convo instead of a tracker.

  6. Go to my website *no advertising* for cp cheats!

  7. Chat is very usful! But, you need moderater cuz it did turn out to be a sex convo!! Ew… But I found sensei and Penguin Band cuz of this chat so thank you!!

  8. hey wat the heck i love this site but the cursing man this need to stop

  9. they’re destroying the chat dude!

  10. chinse this chat dont about the tracker just about their penguins accounts but some asking for the tracker nobody answer for them and i didnt found pb and cadence ever!!!

  11. hey chinese takeout are u a member?

  12. I found cadence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have her back round it is 4:03 july 20 and she’s at abominable back stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!

  13. Wow!!! Your advice on finding Cadence works!! I met her on Ice Shelf in the Dance Roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. she was on blizzard

  15. candace is soooooooooo cool

  16. chinook go on now the penguin band its well good there playin rock star!

  17. i want to be a mod…


  19. People, this chat works, I was here and I got my first autograph, sensei’s autograph! I was called Patrick on the chat, and everyone was working like mad on this to help eveyone find backgrounds. You will occasionally find someone breaking the rules, but that is extremely rare. This is the best way to find where the penguins are, the vital information is the server. This sometimes has over 100 people on, so someone is bound to find whoever when theres that many people!!!!

  20. Awesum. How’d you get the play now widget on side bar?

  21. i have found penguin band but how do i get the background i cant click on them

  22. what do u mean???????

  23. You can only get the background if you meet them at the dock or backstage

  24. i cant find Cadence becuz of the tracker! It always takes me to the toy codes contest!!!!

  25. some one has to REPLY!!!! Cmon!!!!!!!!!!

  26. does anyone know how to unban ur penguin???!!!


  28. i know where she is…..

  29. how do i get the tracker

  30. U dont know OMG

  31. omg i will tell u how to get the tracker????

  32. i found her at abdominale and she is hot

  33. eu o denho candece de tosy5 eu o traira meu piru

  34. tosy5 e viado e tem um piru enorme de gelado

  35. viado do tosy5 de gelado elçe e viado que burro eu trai eleo tenpo todo

  36. gary enamorado do tosy5 porque tosy5 e viado e corno quendiria de gelado

  37. viado do toy5 de gelado eu gelado sou traira e eu sou corno

  38. PPL PLZ LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. nice hey chinse i put your chat on my blog here is the link *no advertising*

  40. Can you help me with all the trackers because I am having trouble finding where I find who I am tracking?

  41. Will you please help me?


  43. has any one seen rockhopper

  44. Just a reminder for those of you who are new to the chat: no A

  45. Oops I mean no Ads. No spam. No swearing. No overload. Same rules for Mods and Owners.

  46. I still didn’t meet Cadence, BUT I WON’T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Aiman(CPC MOD)

  47. i met Cadence

  48. they banned me for no reason

  49. i cant find sensie any where

  50. yooo paint boy can i be a mod

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