Club Penguin Times Issue #202

Chinsetakout here!!

A new Club Penguin Times issue is out! In this issue the September 2009 party is announced and a special penguin will be visiting soon ;-) Lets check it out:

Club Penguin’s September 2009 Party will be the Fall Fair! It will be from September 4-13 and Rockhopper will be partying with us :-)  So be ready for some club penguin party cheats!!!


Rockhopper is now in the telescope and will be arriving September 4th! He will be waddling around Club Penguin during the Fall Fair! More on Rockhopper tomorrow…..


Awesome! September looks like its gonna be a ton of fun! Except for school :’-( Look out for the last Mini Party Clue later today!



6 Responses

  1. Awesome! Who is ready to start tracking Rockhopper?


  2. Hey chinestakeout , I saw you in thermal at 7 30 am clubpenguin time at the lighthouse beacon but when i got there u were gone right away

  3. I will use ur Rockhopper Tracker, dont worry

  4. Yay! I cant wait for the Fall Fair party! Lasts year’s was
    sooo much fun!
    super mod,Bengallady7

  5. Your rockhopper tracker is awesome! :D
    Cant wait for fall fair…this will be my first! I have played club penguin for 7 months….!
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  6. I already have RH’s background, although i don’t have the one with Yarr, or the Plants one, so…………… I guess I will track him with you! :D

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