Club Penguin Mini Party: Theme Revealed!

Hey Everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!!

So the Club Penguin Cheats Team has given you several clues to the details of our next mini party. Here they are again if you missed any!

Miss the first clue? Click here for the first Mini Party Clue!

Miss the second clue? Click here for the Second Party Clue!

Miss the third clue? Click here for the Third Mini Party Clue!

Miss the fourth clue? Click here for the Fourth Mini Party Clue!

But now, I am pleased to announce the theme for our Club Penguin mini party that is coming up!! Drum roll please!

pirateThat’s right!! It’s going to be Pirate themed to celebrate Rockhopper’s Arrival to Club Penguin!! Wear any pirate clothes that you have!! If you don’t have any just wear red for Rockhopper!! This is gonna be a ton of fun!!

Did you figure out all the clues but think you might forget about the party? Go grab a piece of paper and pen and write yourself a little reminder ;-)

Im getting really excited for the party!! See you all there!

-Dr Pepper 66

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8 Responses

  1. Awesome post Dr Pepper 66! I can’t wait for the party to begin too! :-) What are you going to wear to look like a pirate?


    • Chinse ModoratorHockeysocks3 hasn’t delcared that he is away and hasn’t been on the chat in over 2 weeks and i think he should be moved to a dr. pepper mod thankyou
      Mod Owner

  2. Wow can’t wait for the party! I will put on my best pirate outfit! See yall at the party!
    super mod Bengallady7

  3. Dang it!! I should’ve guessed a pirate party for the theme!! LOL!!!!!!!!

  4. I dunno wat ill wear, but ill try to come!

  5. Cool! :D
    Cant wait
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

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  7. omg look at this *no advertising*

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